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Prague consumer prices

This page was developed based on the requirement of people to understand how much they would have to pay for regular items. The major supermarket superstores in Prague are Albert, Interspar, Kaufland and Tesco. Popular in-town Czech supermarkets are Julius Meinl, Delvita, Plus, Lidl, Penny Market and Albert.

The data was collected on a trip to Delvita and Hypernova supermarkets based 6km outside of central Prague. Smaller shops inside central Prague will have a similar or slightly more expensive cost. Regional towns and villages are likely to be MORE expensive due to a lack of competition. The tables cover many brand names that can be referenced to your own market. Czech local (unbranded) produce will be up to 30% cheaper. The cost of an item is shown in Czech Korun (kc) and rounded up to the nearest whole number so you must convert it to your own currency. For general currency conversion I normally use

1 kilogram (Kg) = 2.2lbs
1 kilogram (Kg) = 1000 grams (g)
1 litre (ltr) = 0.78 pints
1 litre (ltr) = 1000 milli-litres (ml)

Item description Brand Unit Cost
Food - Fruit and Veg - - -
Potatoes white - 1 Kg 8kc
Apples Green - 1 Kg 8kc
Cucumber - Large 10kc
Carrots - 1 Kg 8kc
Bananas Fyffe 1 Kg 40kc
Apples Jona Gold 1 Kg 19kc
Kiwi - 750g 15kc
- - - -
Food - Dairy - - -
Real Butter Jihoceske 150g 20kc
Margarine Butter Flora 250g 22kc
Milk drink Actimel (Strawberry) 100g 11kc
Cheese Edam 750g 100kc
Semi-Fat milk (Polotucne) - 1 Litre 14kc
Full-Fat milk (Plnotucne) - 1 Litre 16kc
Eggs - 10 pack 25kc
Mayonnaise Hellmanns 250g 24kc
Yoghurt Danissimo 100g 20kc
- - - -
Food - Fish and meat - - -
Big Mac Menu/Meal McDonalds Medium 97kc
Baby Food (6 months) Hami 190g 18kc
Frozen Pizza Dr Oetker Large 53kc
Hamburgers - 4 pack (360g) 45kc
Fish Fingers Findus 10 Pack 22kc
Minced Beef - 1 Kg 158kc
- - - -
Food - Other - - -
Spaghetti - 500g 8kc
Baking Flour - 1 Kg 6kc
Sliced white bread - large (500g) 13kc
Sliced wholemeal bread - large (500g) 21kc
Bread Roll - 1 1.5kc
Cornflakes Cereal Nestle 250g 26kc
Fine sugar (Krupice) - 1 Kg 27kc
Baked Beans Heinz 415g 26kc
Baked Beans and Sausages Heinz 415g 41kc
Processed sandwich - 200g 42kc
Mars Bar - 50g 11kc
Snickers - 85g 15kc
Vegetable Oil Ceresol 3 Litres 75kc
- - - -
Drink - - -
Orange Juice Happy Day 1 Litre 33kc
Still Mineral Water Dobra Voda 1.5 Litre 7kc
Sparkling Mineral Water Mattoni 1.5 Litre 16kc
Bottle of cola Pepsi 0.5L 19kc
Bottle of beer Budweiser (Budvar) 0.5L 15kc
Coffee Nescafe 200g 120kc
Coffee (drink in city centre) Local Cup 45kc
Orange Juice Relax 1 Litre 17kc
Bottle of Bourbon Jack Daniels 0.7 Litres 540kc
Vodka Absolut 1 Litre 330kc
Whiskey Johnny Walker Red 1 Litre 400kc
- - - -
Other Items - - -
Toilet roll Kleenex 4 pack 35kc
Kitchen roll - 2 pack 17kc
Tissues Kleenex 100 44kc
LR6 Battery Duracell 4 pack 34kc
Nappies (4-6kg) Pampers 68 400kc
Sugarfree Chewing Gum Orbit - 19kc
Bath Salts Radox 500ml 100kc
Box of matches - Small 7kc
Disposable Lighter - - 10kc
Cigarettes Marlboro (Red) 20 57kc
Dishwasher cleaner Calgonit 600ml 129kc
Shampoo Head and Shoulders 400ml 96kc
Petrol - Litre 24kc
Washing Powder Persil 6 kg 275kc
CD-R Verbatim Pack of 50 430kc
Toothpaste Colgate 75ml 40kc

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