Prague Nightlife

Prague Nightlife - TOP PICKS

M1 Lounge Club and Bar

Located at Masna 1 in the Old Town, M1 offers a luxurious and upmarket environment in which you can enjoy great cocktails and DJs. It has a special cocktail bar, extended dance floor plus comfortable seating areas. The DJs keep the place pumping with a nightly selection of R&B, hip-hop and house while friendly bar staff shake up an array of delicious drinks from the exclusive cocktail menu.

OneClub Prague

OneClub Prague is one of the hottest locations in the very center of Prague. It is literally right in the center of Prague by the clock tower.
You can relax in the cocktail bar upstairs which is opened Daily from 11:00 - 3:00, or you can party wild in the club downstairs opened Wednesday - Saturday , 22:00 - 5:00. The atmosphere that is provided by OneClub is like no other, with international DJs, as well as world known superstars like AFROJACK. Hot Dancers dance the night away, LED light shows to keep the night interesting, party atmosphere like no other.

Grab a drink, Party Hard, Enjoy Life.

Ku Bar and Lounge

Situated in the heart of Prague, KU Bar & Lounge launched the original concept of the Bar and Lounge back in the year 2000 and it's still going strong with dance music, RnB, vocal house and commercial all delivered by the best Czech and Foreign DJs to a crowd of the coolest and trendiest people in the city. From Tuesday to Saturday KU Bar & Lounge often turns into a place where the best parties in Prague take place. First drink is just the beginning so welcome to KU Bar & Lounge.

Find a club

A great Prague club resource is Rave ( A Prague nightlife specialist search engine, this link will get you to the dance/music Prague club gig listings and includes the rest of the Czech Republic. It's in Czech but, I'll show you how to get the info you want. Imagine you are surfing for Prague club action in Prague about a month (or even a week or a day) before you come here. Do the following:

Go to the Prague nightlife search site at (the dance party listing part of the site).

Underneath the "PARTYLIST" menu tab you'll find a light blue "search box" with some options.

On the right are three rectangular boxes below a Czech question "Kam chces vyrazit?" (Where to you want to search for your Prague club), the middle one says "vyber mesto", use the dropdown box to select "Praha" (or if you know the exact name of the Prague club that you want choose it from the "Vyber Klub" dropdown box.

Now go to the left hand side which has the question "Kdy chces vyrazit?" (when do you want to search). There are many options:

  • dnes - today
  • zitra - tomorrow
  • tento tyden - this week
  • pristi tyden - next week
  • tento vikend - this weekend (weekend includes Friday)
  • pristi vikend - next weekend
  • tento mesic - this month
  • pristi mesic - next month
  • kdykoliv - whenever
When you click one of the above options a list of Prague club and Prague nightlife venues with webpage info is now displayed on the screen with a small description (sometimes) and if there is a club entry charge (cena). Each Prague club webpage will almost certainly be in Czech but it will show the type of club music genre being offered on any given night.

TIP1: when you get to the individual club webpage then usually the address and opening times can be found on the "Kontakt" tab and the club schedule will be on the "Program" tab.

TIP2: A "real" Prague club i.e. not just a drinking bar with music, will allow free entry Sunday to Wednesday but, have an entry charge Thursday, Friday and Saturday but, it is not big i.e. 50-100kc and even then you may get a free beer.

Below is a collection of Prague nightlife venues for both dance gigs and music but, if you have found the music that you like then the website will give you the best Prague club choices.

Prague Club - Techno - Roxy

Metro "B" (yellow line), Namesti Republiky

For Prague nightlife it's still the techno and rave king now with cool metal/glass tables upstairs and new floors. Everything else still a bit rough" looking. Partying Prague club at it's craziest, lots of very young kids (16) and some drugs. Still very cool. Lost it's drink licence a couple of times. - Radost FX

Metro "C" (red line), I.P.Pavlova

Radost FX is a restaurant, bar lounge club upstairs and for Prague nightlife, the heavy soul masses are in the basement. A Prague club which can get pretty touristy sometimes, but with a bunch of friends it's a really cool spot. Recently it has diversified into R'n'B and hip-hop (Thursdays) plus House music on Fridays and Saturdays. - Mecca

Club Mecca has a cool seating area upstairs together with a restaurant that is open till 11PM and downstairs the techno club leaves the ears and eyes sensorally challenged. Prague nightlife includes parties every Friday and Saturday, restaurant open through the week. They have different resident DJ's and also plenty of foreign ones. Webpage has full description of nightly program events in English. Prague tickets for popular gigs are often pre-sold. Prague tickets on the door are expensive and first come first served.

Prague club - Jazz Clubs

I've now written a special Jazz Clubs page to point you in the right direction of some nice venues and there are other choices below: - Lucerna

Lucerna Music Bar is perhaps the most famous Prague club of all and one of the best jazz venues in Prague but, it's not a jazz club. The main hall hosts a variety of celebrity awards and events whilst the smaller club caters to the rock and jazz bands. The complex also contains a cinema and a restaurant. - Agharta

The Agharta jazz club used to be at Krakovska 5 off Wenceslas Square (shows how long I've lived here if I know that). Now it has moved to the old home of the Zelezna jazz club in the street called Zelezna just off the Old Town Square as you walk to the Estates Theatre. The entrance to the club is halfway along on the right, and next to the alleyway through the big wooden door. For Prague nightlife I like this jazz venue because it always attracts a nice group of people. Plenty of seating close to the stage and a waitress service unlike most of Prague clubs. Prague tickets for this Prague club are mostly on the door. - Jazz Republic

For Prague jazz this is my second favourite club depending who is on that night. I like the internet page "Calendar" which gives good descriptions of the bands, instrumentation and vocalists i.e. not just the usual name of the band which is great if you know who they are but, no good if you want to know something about them. Prague club with emphasis on Blues. - Reduta

For Prague nightlife, Reduta jazz club has a reputation for being a bit touristy (especially Russian) but, still enjoys acclaim for bringing new talent onto the Prague circuit. Infamous for Bill Clinton's impromptu sax solo. What I don't like is the fixed bench seating as it's comfortable if you facing the front but, you'll have wicked back ache if you are not. A small bar outside and the cloakroom is worth the money as space in the room is limited. - Blues Sklep

Blues Sklep (Blues basement) is a new club on the Prague nightlife scene. Different jazz and blues bands on most nights. A good Prague club on the jazz circuit. Emphasis on Blues. Sells Ferdinand beer and the spirits are very reasonably priced. Liliova 10, far left corner adjacent to the King George restaurant (far left door). Any map showing the old "James Joyce Irish Pub" is good because that's the location. - U Stare Pani

U Stare Pani jazz club (At the Old Lady's) is a famous Prague club and one of the bigger jazz venues similar in area to Reduta but, with a corner stage. It's off the beaten path and the easiest way to direct you to it is to stand with your back to U Medvidku, look to your left to the end of the road. As you enter this road (Jilska) you will find another road goes off to the right (Michaelska) the club is in this street about 50 metres on the left. Tables and chairs abound. A nice atmosphere but, can seem a bit empty even if it is half full. A Prague nightlife jazz circuit venue but favours one or two jazz bands over the rest. Prague tickets in advance or on the door. - U Maleho Glena

U Maleho Glena (Little Glen's) is an American bar with an excellent basement club if you like jazz in your Prague nightlife. It is not only for jazz so check the dates before you go. A Prague club that can get very sweaty if a lot of people turn up. The bar above does great salads. Most of the tickets for this Prague club are on the door.

Prague club - Mainstream - Karlovy Lazne

Karlovy Lazne (next to the Charles Bridge) lays claim to being not only the biggest Prague club but also the biggest club in Europe so don't hold that against it. Four floors with varying types of mainstream, techno and drum'n'bass mixed music. This is a Prague club that does not host gigs. Now a Prague nightlife mainstay. Prague tickets are all on the door. - Lavka

Lavka (next to Charles Bridge around the corner from Karlovy Lazne). A Prague club completely refurbished after the flood. Used to have the reputation of having lots of single Czech girls looking to get hooked up with expats serving tours of duty in Prague. Still does apparently!!!! Very nice outside garden area. Stay outside for a quiet-ish drink late in the evening and then go back into the Prague club. Pleasant Prague nightlife option. - Sedm Vlku

Sedm Vlku (Seven Wolves) is a largely reggae Prague club interspersed with the taste of whomever the DJ is on the night. Webpage currently Czech only. Opens 1700-0300 Monday to Saturday. Vlkova 7, Prague 3. Prague tickets when hosting a gig. - XT3

This Prague club used to be called "GURU". Located at Rokycanova 29 in Prague 3 , Zizkov. Eclectic mix including reggae, ska, rock, hip-hop, punk, funk. No themed nights like central Prague venues. Opens mon-sat as a night club and Sunday is "beer, stories and table football"....... - Studio54

For Prague nightlife, this is the only decent "After Party" Prague club that I know. If you want a real mix of people and great DJ's AFTER the normal clubs have closed then this is the place. Located at Hybernska 38 (30 metres before the highway). Opens 0500 to 1300 with each DJ getting two hours. You can download mp3 music from the site to give you an idea of the different types of music each DJ plays.

Prague club - Music Bars - Double Trouble

Melantricova 17, Prague 1. Not strictly a Prague club, it's primarily a bar with DJ's coming in 6 nights a week. Reasonable alcohol prices and music. The kind of Prague nightlife at which to start but, I would not plan a whole evening here. - Misch Masch

Veletrzni 61, Prague 7. This Prague club was formerly the home of "disco letna". Opens wed-sat from 8pm to 4am. Entry charge is 50kc for women and 100kc for men. Divided into three areas, the Dance Zone music depends on the DJ. The "Oldies" area speaks for itself and the "lounge" is primarily black soul. Can be a good night but, suffers in trying to please everyone and it's a bit out of the way. - Back Doors

Andel, Prague 5. Half a block over from the Novy Smichov shopping centre in the direction of the river. Not strictly a Prague club, primarily a bar/restaurant which has nightly DJ's. Perfectly good Prague nightlife for people staying in this newly developed area. - M1 Lounge

The M1 Lounge opened at Masna 1 in the Old Town. Now this is a full-on Prague club. It plays mainly R&B, hiphop, House and Indie but, it has the occassional themed night, Most of the M1 program info is on it's My Space area Club opens from 6pm to 4am but, is closed on Mondays. Relaxing Prague nightlife. - Wakata

Wakata is a little way out of town in Bubenec Prague 7. Opens 7 days a week. Prague club plays mainly hiphop, R&B, jungle and reggae. - Duplex

Duplex Prague (Prague club formerly Fromin) is located at Vaclavske Namesti 21 on the 6th floor and has reopened after renovation. Two different dance levels, five bars, professional club dancers, smart Prague nightlife etc. Be patient with the webpage flash settings. You go in on the ground floor and take one of the lifts up to the top.

Prague club - Open Air Night Clubs

Prague nightlife doesn't just happen in sweaty basements. In Prague during the Summer you'll find places that are not open at any other time than the Summer. The first place is at the scenic point on Letna which also doubles as a beer garden about 100 metres away from the National Technical Museum at the edge of Letna Park as it overlooks Prague. The second outdoor Prague club is "Strelecky Ostrov" (Shooters Island) down the steps mid-way across the Legii Bridge which doubles as a beer garden and gig/theatre venue in the Summer (actually, all of the Prague "islands" come together in an "United Islands of Prague" gig festival). The third outdoor Prague club is the "Czech Riviera" which is a riverfront scene about 2km downriver but easily accessible by tram (beach volleyball and sun loungers etc). Take your mosi-spray in the evening. Entry charge for Zlute Lazne is variable depending on the time of day or the event. Excellent Summer nightlife in Prague.

Prague club - Strip Clubs

Obviously Prague nightlife will be different for everybody but this page is now only for Prague club info regarding music and dance. A specialist page has now been written for people who want strip clubs to be a part of their Prague nightlife. You can find this info on the Prague Stag and Hen page.

Prague nightlife - Stag/Hen Nights

A specialist page has now been written for people coming to Prague on these types of "group" celebrations. You can find this info on the Stag and Hen page.