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My simple aim is to make sure that you enjoy your stay in Prague. Personal advice on hotels, transfers, restaurants, entertainment and attractions are all aimed at increasing your enjoyment of the city. My name's Jason. I'm an Englishman who has lived in and around Prague since 1996 and been officially resident since 2005. Livingprague has that refreshingly honest "tell it like it is" approach that you don't find in other Prague guides. Use the dropdown menus to view page options. Not sure about what to book or need a bit of local advice then send me an email and I'll help if I can. I answer all emails. There's a Newsletter and you can view a variety of videos, fun stuff, artistic stuff and "how to" information videos on my YouTube channel.

As the season is starting be sure to check my CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR pages for tips and events.


New Year's Eve River Cruise

It's that time again. First come, first served for places on the New Year's Eve riverboat cruise. Music and buffet on the boat. Welcome drink included. You'll be on the river for 5 hours and will see the sites as far down as Vysehrad including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the National Theatre, Cafe Slavia, Goethe building, Sophie's Palace, Slavonic Island, Dancing House, Kampa Park, Modern Art Museum, Shooters Island and the Canal locks.


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This is more along the lines of researching places to go but you don't necessarily want to commit to making a booking. You are still putting together your trip so there's pages to visit like:

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the Prague Survival Kit for people who want to go off the beaten path
The "how it works" section is for people who want to know exactly what to expect in a given situation and how to navigate so examples in this section are:

Tell me all the Airport Transfer options public and private
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ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (Including the quirky stuff):

If you are still with me then you are a serious researcher of your trip. So that means that you are prepared to read and read my often unique and insightful content including more than 300 photos, a quiz, bus and train station guides, car hire tips, Czech history, seasonal guides, the 2002 flood, life in a village, museums, parks, gallery guide, shopping centre guide, scams to watch out for, money guide, Prague walking tours and even more stuff that shows you how to generate online maps/timetables etc and how to stay healthy and safe here. As I don't know what maybe important for you I suggest you start at the Sitemap page. Enjoy your trip.


Notice I don't just say find a hotel. My accommodation pages for each area are filled with local info and tips about hotels here. No travel agent rubbish like "near the centre", "short distance", "a few minutes walk", "city view" etc. I know these places and I know how long it takes to walk. I only list Prague hotels. Ones I like and ones to watch out for with many recommended. Some are personally recommended and there's only 1 review here, mine. I always recommend to look at Old Town Hotels first as it is the most central. And if you still haven't found appropriate accommodation in Prague and want to see more hotels click here. You'll also find my own list of personally recommended Prague apartments. Read more about what to expect from hotels in Prague on the Hotel Introduction page.

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