Possibly the best Prague city map you can buy

Prague Map Click for actual size TO DO - VIDEO LINK There are many interactive maps on the web but nothing comes close to actually holding a map in your hands, studying it, folding and unfolding. Admire the love and workmanship that went into this map.

Ten years ago a Czech company published this map and I'd never seen anything like it. You can see the Video of me showing the map

It covers both banks of the river so that's the Old Town, most of the New Town, Lesser Town, Castle area and Ujezd. Basically it shows everywhere you'll want to know about for a first-time visitor.

And the bonus is on the back of the map. Absolutely full of info about Prague's top attractions only in English. I can't say it fits in your pocket but definitely in a small day pack or bag. I can post this anywhere in the world in 5 days (EU countries) or up to 10 days (non-Europe) for 5 euros.

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