My simple aim is to make sure that you enjoy your stay in Prague. Personal advice on hotels, transfers, restaurants, entertainment and attractions are all aimed at increasing your enjoyment. I'm an Englishman who has lived in and around Prague since 1996 and been officially resident since 2005. It has that refreshingly honest "tell it like it is" approach that you don't find in other Prague guides. Use the dropdown menus to view page options. Not sure about what to book or need a bit of local advice then send me an email and I'll help if I can. I answer all emails when I can.


I want you to leave the airport and arrive at your hotel in comfort, safety and with a sense that you paid a fair price. Worst thing in the world to pay the money thinking you've already been ripped off 30 minutes into your stay. So I recommend a particular company for your transfer so take 20 seconds to read why you should book a reliable transfer.


You can view All Tours and Excursions (max 10 hours), only City Tours (max 3.5 hours) or only River Cruises. I point out what to expect, give inside tips and show discount options where available. I recommend that you reserve places online before you arrive but if you want to leave it until the last minute I've put a discount voucher on the Tours pages for you to print. Individuals or groups, anyone can use it and it applies to all regular tours, excursions and boat trips. No catch, anybody offering tours works on commission. I'm just choosing to give part of my commission to you. Same tour, more spending money in your pocket. Enjoy Prague.


Notice I don't just say find a hotel. My accommodation pages for each area are filled with local info and tips about hotels here. No travel agent rubbish like "near the centre", "short distance", "a few minutes walk", "city view" etc. I know these places and I know how long it takes to walk. I only list Prague hotels. Ones I like and ones to watch out for. Many recommended. Some personally recommended and there's only 1 review here, mine. Pick your place and see the best booking deal available. Choose your favourite booking agent or choose the cheapest. By comparing Prague hotel prices available during your trip you can cut out unnecessary extras and get better value. Its up to you. Read what to expect from hotels in Prague on the Hotel page. And if you still haven't found appropriate accommodation in Prague and want to see more hotels click here. You'll also find my own list of personally recommended Prague apartments.


A selection of the most popular places that you'll probably want to visit with pictures and some of my own local insider tips can be found on the Don't Miss page along with other things to do whilst you're in the city.


A selection of 30 different restaurants that I personally recommend including Czech, Italian, French, Japanese, Thai, Mediterranean, Grill and Vegetarian. You can also book tables direct from the page. Details on the main Restaurants page.

And this is just a taste of my Prague guide. It has an extensive Czech food section, Prague hotels, bar and restaurant guides, tips for parents, more than 300 photos, a quiz, bus and train station guides, car hire tips, Czech history, seasonal guides, the 2002 flood, life in a village, museums, parks, gallery guide, shopping centre guide, scams to watch out for, money guide, Prague walking tours and even more stuff that shows you how to generate online maps/timetables etc and how to stay healthy and safe here. You'll find Prague deals that will stretch your budget further than you thought. Enjoy your trip.

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